Our Environment

Greenline is committed to helping protect New Zealand’s environment. We need to keep our land as unspoilt as possible for this generation and visitors to our country, and we must be guardians of this land for future generations.

Image credit: Fraser Clements

We encourage our visitors to be aware and respectful of our environment, and to value our beautiful scenery. They are encouraged to dispose of their rubbish carefully (we have refuse containers on board all coaches and refuse is recycled).

We are also committed to building new vehicles to the highest European emission standards, and we now have buses and coaches that have minimal impact on our environment. In fact, some of our coaches have significantly lowered their fuel consumption making them very fuel-efficient with lowered carbon emissions.

Our school buses have GPS tracking which enables us to monitor driving styles including speed, braking, acceleration and turning. This programmes helps in reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Greenline is endorsed by Qualmark and is a member of New Zealand’s Bus & Coach Association. Both of these organisations promote quality travel experiences and mean bookings can be made with confidence and the expectation of high standards.